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Modus Vivendi Luxury is an invitation to discover a very special art de vivre of the French Riviera with an unusual professional duo. The co-founders of Modus Vivendi Luxury Real Estate, Warda Ben Labidi and Kateryna Vorontsov, are offering you to entrust finding your perfect property in the Golden Triangle of the French Riviera to them. As premium-class real estate service providers, they share a passion for tailor-made solutions built around excellence and sophistication.

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Coco Chanel

“Our approach is inspired by Coco Chanel’s quote and by that, we mean that from the onset of the idea of investing on the Riviera until the moment the customer calls the place home, we make the whole process seamless and fluid as silk fabric.” Says Warda.

Tailor made real estate for international customers

The French Riviera embodies the philosophy of dolce vita and hedonism. Warda and Katya’s main goal is to offer their international customers comprehensive solutions by selecting properties perfectly matching to their needs and guiding them through the whole process and sometimes even beyond, to help them settle down in the region. They form a multicultural team that not only speaks five languages but is also well aware of the cultural habits of their customers. Contact them in Russian, English, French, Italian or Arabic, you’ll get the same perfect service no matter where you’re calling from.

They do not offer a classic concierge service, but a tailor-made real estate and that’s what makes the real difference. Katya and Warda provide extensive support to their clients to help them making the best choices. Searching for the property, signing the deed of purchase, connecting to the utilities, filing taxes, finding staff. In other words, they get the house ready to be enjoyed by its new owners.

They are building a lasting relationship with their customers and can go out of their way to make their life more enjoyable whether it’s acting as an interpreter at the doctor's office, handling a delivery or supervising repairs. Little everyday things for the clients, for the first year.

The level of service provided depends on the customer’s needs. Warda and Katya’s vision of what they do goes beyond real estate, it’s a lifestyle.

Modus Vivendi, the story of an encounter

Modus Vivendi is the story of an encounter between two complementary personalities. Katya who arrived to France in 2004 to complete her education at the University of Aix-en-Provence and Warda who is a native of the Côte d’Azur. They met when they were working in competing real estate agencies selling high end properties. They found out that they were both good at what they were doing and had a common vision of how the job should be done. That’s how Modus Vivendi Luxury was born.

“The Modus Vivendi logo wasn’t chosen at random,” says Katya,” the sun and the moon represent our two complementary natures. Although we both can handle any part of the selling process, we have our own personal touch: Warda is more communicative and I am more technical.”

Since the beginning, it has been the two of them and that’s how they want it to remain. Modus Vivendi Luxury works in a niche market and prefers to handle few transactions as long as those are high quality transaction. By choice, they remain very discreet and aim for excellence without pretention.

They have lived and worked in the area long enough to know it like the back of their hand. They are well-known faces in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, you will probably come across them jogging on the beautiful nature trails or having a coffee at the village with their families.

A different vision of real estate: Premium, professional, confidential, feminine

As women in a male real estate environment, they provide a service that others don't: a feminine eye on the practical part of every property and a mother’s look as to how to make it a home. Sensitive to every detail, they know exactly what to look for, whether it is a family retreat or a bachelor’s den.

With Modus Vivendi, no agency, no postings, no publicity. Research is made on request and properties are found through a network of relations. What really makes the difference is the human factor. Beyond selling houses, Warda and Katya build relationships by taking the time to understand what their customers are looking for and making sure they are well settled after they move in the property.

Ready to experience the art de vivre of the French Riviera? Contact us.

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